Amber Keatley-Shaikh


Amber is a gentle, warm and inspirational coach, who is always encouraging and supportive to members, staff, and just about anyone who comes in contact with our unique business. Her work as a mum, occupational therapist and teacher in a school working with children who have specific learning difficulties keeps Amber super busy, but she always finds time to look you in the eye and talk for as long as you need. Amber also happens to be very strong and very good at burpees!

You will find Amber on Fitology Hub’s social media, delivering complimentary, accessible strength workouts for women who can squeeze an extra 10-15 minutes of movement into their day. Amber qualified as a personal trainer in 2016, works behind the scenes as a business leader, and coaches in the evenings and at weekends.

Amber grew up in London and has always had a tremendous passion for sport, playing football, rounders, crossfit and triathlons up to a high level. Amber has completed the London Marathon and won awards for cross country running events. Her dream is to increase her coaching hours, to focus on nutrition, and to continue to help women reach their goals through careful, considered coaching.