Amber Shaikh


Amber is a gentle, warm and inspirational coach. Always so encouraging and supportive to both members, staff and anyone who comes in contact with our small business. Her full time job as a Mum, Occupational Therapist and Teacher in a school working with children who have learning difficulties keeps Amber super busy but she always finds time to look you in the eye and talk for as long as you need to talk! Amber also happens to be very strong and very good at Burpees! You will find Amber on Fitology Hub Social Media delivering complimentary workouts for those who can squeeze in an extra 10-15mins of movement a day.

Amber grew up in London and always had a passion for sport. At a young age she qualified for the England Rounders team and travelled around the UK playing matches. She also had a passion for Martial Arts, reaching a high standard in Kung Fu and Karate. Amber went on to play football for 2 London teams, training at every opportunity and sometimes playing more than 1 game at the weekend. After tearing her right meniscus on the pitch, she had surgery and decided it was time to experiment with different sports. Amber started competing in Ironman Triathlons and took up Crossfit. Strength and conditioning training has helped Amber become a stronger and faster runner and all round athlete. She is often referred to as a ‘gazelle’ by her friends and completed the London marathon in 3:30 in 2016. If she had her way she would be training 24/7, but she is now using her passion and skills to coach women at Fitology Hub, as well as her job as a teacher and occupational therapist.


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