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Eliza Sandu


Eliza’s insatiable enthusiasm for fitness led her to become the caring, straight talking and loyal Fitology Hub coach that she is today. For the longest time she resisted the urge to commit to her passion full-time. She wanted to carve a career different to her husband’s, who is a former member of the National Karate Team of Romania and personal trainer. But no matter the number of prestigious academic achievements she gained, including a degree in Finance and Banking and modules in English Law and Financial Reporting, becoming a coach was thankfully inevitable.

Growing up in small town Romania Eliza enjoyed the structure of the strict college she attended and the discipline bestowed upon her by and its inventive PE teacher. She flourished when given the opportunity to lead aerobics sessions in a small classroom kitted out simply with a trusty boombox. From these lo-fi beginnings she went on to practise yoga, powerlifting, bodybuilding, functional training, kickboxing and HIIT, but continued to pursue a career in banking thinking it was the sensible thing to do. An out of the blue decision to move to London proved she could successfully stray from the path that she thought she must tread on.

Eliza headed for the bright lights of Knightsbridge and worked at the exceptional Harrods chocolate department in between having her two children. She relished staying active during pregnancy and to aid her recovery from postnatal depression. After her second baby she returned to accountancy, but the strain of studying something her heart wasn’t in forced her to reassess her priorities. She was finally ready to make a fully-fledged leap into coaching. She has since partnered with her husband, guided clients at gyms in Bromley and Mayfair and completed an MSc in Strength and Conditioning. Now proudly at Fitology Hub, she makes it her mission to empower the women she works with through fitness and beyond.

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