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Olivia Norman


Olivia is incredibly compassionate and positive. Her enthusiasm and interest in each
individual shines through in her human-first approach to coaching. She will make you feel
seen and heard, as if you’re the only person in the room.

Olivia has always found joy in sports and being active, but disliked regular gyms and did her
best to avoid them, save the odd spin class, feeling they were unwelcoming - a view many of
our members also share. In her spare time, she would run regular 10k’s and even
completed a full marathon! Soon after, she discovered lifting, and with it a love of movement,
the human body, and an appreciation of how lifting heavy made her feel powerful, both
mentally and physically. Unfortunately, after an accident left Olivia with crush injuries and a
bionic ankle, she was no longer able to run. However, this only motivated her further, and led
to 13 years of learning about Women’s Strength & Conditioning, Olympic lifting, and
CrossFit. She subsequently put this passion and knowledge into gaining her Level 3
Personal trainer Qualification to become the empathetic and joyful coach she is today.

Although Olivia has not long left her career in the Jewellery industry where she managed
teams of people, she still works as a Jewellery Consultant in the City, and we are lucky that
she brings with her a client-centred mindset, an appetite for collaboration, and a strong
sense of responsibility, making her a perfect fit for Fitology Hub.

Olivia is also a keen outdoor swimmer and never misses a week in the water, even on frosty
days! This is testimony to the kind of inspiring and resilient individual she is. Her infectious
energy comes through in her coaching, making you feel energised and uplifted throughout.

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