Suzanne Keatley


Being from an Irish family of 7 children and spending 15 years as a teacher of teenagers has given Suzanne some pretty useful skills when it comes to coaching, running a business and being a mother!

Seeing and experiencing the dilemmas, sensitivities and influence teaching had on children taught Suzanne that every human interaction between adults and children is a vital one. There is always the potential to destroy or build confidence with a simple comment, conversation or action. Suzanne believes that “working with people of any age is a sensitive privilege and a great honour.”

As adults we are simply a grown version of our teenage self. Our members come to us with a lifetime of experience behind them and Suzanne truly believes that wholesome strength training can be the catalyst that changes people's lives. Although Suzanne was a sporty teenager, outwardly confident PE Teacher and coach, she has always suffered with negative feelings about her own body image. Finding strength training changed everything for Suzanne. She learned that she was strong, capable and this helped her confidence flourish. Alongside this, Suzanne has an empathetic and respectful coaching style, which helps others to try new things, look at health and wellbeing through a different lens and ultimately, to grow in confidence.

Suzanne met her incredible wife Amber (an occupational therapist, coach & teacher) in 2013 and got married in Lucca, Italy in 2016. Their beautiful dog Bosco became a regular feature in coaching sessions and social media pics! Suzanne and Amber went through IVF in 2017 and Suzanne gave birth to their awesome son Zayden in 2018. All while building a business, opening a new Hub and growing a membership from 10 people to 150 in March 2020! Suzanne values her incredible coaching team and the passion and commitment they constantly bring to The Hub. ‘As a team we understand that we must continually learn, be humble and thankful for the privilege of being allowed to play such an important role in women's lives’.

As a mother, Suzanne believes in being continually reflective, learning and developing in her role, while her baby grows to be a strong, kind, grateful and (hopefully), humble adult!

The dream is to create safe spaces where women can have fun while moving and learning. Ultimately helping them to grow in confidence, strength and resilience.


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