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Anoula Rayburn


Anoula is extremely caring and a real straight talker! Having worked with Fitology Hub many years, she has been an integral part of the growth and direction of the business. Anoula has helped members achieve things they never thought possible. She has an incredible depth of knowledge in movement, nutrition and strength training. Although Anoula taken on an exciting new career, she is still very much part of the Fitology Hub family, running our Powerlifting workshops and training members on our Remote Coaching programme.

Over the years, Anoula has become an inspiring mentor as well as a coach for staff and members, guiding and supporting women through different chapters of their lives. Anoula gives you that feeling that she is in your corner; always ready to listen to, understand, support and challenge you if necessary. She will make sure the right strategies are applied for you to reach your unique goals.

She grew up in South East London and has always loved sport, trying her hand at everything from rowing to yoga to triathlons. Anoula decided to change her career in 2015 and qualified as a personal trainer, as she wanted to help women to get stronger and more confident. Having also qualified as a nutritionist, Anoula loves to discuss and debunk misleading health information shown in the mainstream media, which is often directed at women.

Anoula loves powerlifting, and she now teaches women that lifting heavy weights can be key to a happy life and nothing to be scared of as it's just another pattern of movement that we gradually build with careful precise coaching. Many of Anoula’s clients have now grown to love this sport, using it to continually grow in confidence and resilience. With her knowledge that weight training is a great tool for weight management and improving mental health during all phases of life, including menopause and post menopause, she continually questions how we do things and how we can do them better! Anoula is passionate about giving back to the world and always remains thankful, humble and generous.

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