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Supportive and Personalised Training, Wherever You Are in the World

We’re now offering virtual sessions so even if you aren’t local to the Hub, can’t fit in-person training around your schedule, or just prefer to exercise at home, you can still train with us. Our experienced online coaches are fully integrated into our team and are guided by our values, no matter whether they are teaching online or in person. 


Training with us will help you to:

  • Tone muscles, increasing strength and leanness

  • Improve heart and lung strength, reducing the risk of heart disease 

  • Strengthen your joints, reducing pain and preventing injury,

  • Increase your bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis

  • Strengthen your immune system, helping you fight against disease and infections

  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels, decreasing the risk of depression


All our sessions are an hour long and you will train with the same coach every session to ensure you build up a positive and consistent relationship that enables you to feel fully supported and cared for as you improve your strength and fitness.


1:1 Virtual Personal Training

Our Virtual Personal Training sessions combine the convenience of exercising from anywhere in the world with the individually tailored support of 1:1 coaching. Our coaches can give extra time and attention to help understand what scares, motivates and excites you, as well as working with you to understand the individual needs of your own body while you become stronger, fitter, and more confident.

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