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Where It All Began

Fitology Hub began in 2016, training one client at 5am on Hilly Fields. As word spread, more and more women signed up and the positive feedback we got made us realise we had something really special to give. So we decided to trade in our freezing cold mornings for something more permanent. 


While we were researching where to set up shop, we couldn’t believe that there was nothing of the kind already in Brockley, considering the wealth of businesses providing most of the crucial things needed in life - such as good coffee! We consider having an amazing training space as just as important as that. 


Unit 5 of the Brockley Cross Business Centre was Fitology Hub’s first home, big enough (just) for one client, Suzanne and our dog Bosco, a tiny puppy at the time. In less than a year, it was clear that we needed a bigger space as new members walked through our doors wanting to explore strength training. Unit 43 is the well-loved, warm space that we landed in. 


Today, we are proud to be a local business that works with women of all ages and from all walks of life. We offer something more personalised than a gym so that our members can access strength and fitness training, from female coaches who understand the barriers to exercising, as well as the benefits. We believe that by changing the way women experience ‘the gym’, we can help make an impact, not only on our member's lives, but also on the world of fitness. Our dream is that Fitology Hub continues to inspire more people to improve their health, well-being, confidence and of course, their strength.

Fit·o·lo·gy (noun)

The name Fitology Hub encompasses our belief that strength training is about continuous learning and bringing science, the mind, and the body together as one. The "-ology" reflects our background as educators and our commitment to teaching members not only how to build strength, but also the science behind the techniques. We are proud that each of our coaches brings their own expert knowledge of strength and conditioning to the Hub.

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Suzanne Keatley & Amber Keatley-Shaikh

Suzanne and Amber live in Forest Hill with their young son. They are passionate about bringing accessible and personalised strength training to the women of South East London.

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