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Remove ‘food guilt’ and feel in control of your choices

Develop habits that are simple and fit in with your life, without sacrificing the things that matter to you the most.

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No more bandwagons. No more weigh-ins.

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When we think about nutrition, too many of us get stuck thinking about what not to eat. Balanced Being is an 10 week programme that will guide you to gradual changes that shift the way you think about food, so you feel able to find what works for you while putting the joy back into eating. 


The programme centres around nutrition, but you also get to put your decisions into context, taking a holistic and compassionate look at your lifestyle choices. This helps you to create balanced habits that you can stick with long-term so you can understand what your body needs to feel stronger and healthier.


Cultivate a positive relationship to food, create balanced habits, and learn to tune into what works for your unique body and lifestyle.

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Eating better not less

Focussing on wholefoods and enjoying a variety of fruits, vegetables and pulses in your diet

The ‘hormonal factor’

Exploring the impact hormones have on your health and nutrition, whatever stage of life you are


Understanding your sleep routine and how much rest you need​​ to thrive


Embracing movement as part of your daily routine so you feel your very best


Mindful eating

Building in reflective practice and mindful eating


Meal Prepping

Planning simple, nourishing meals based on your lifestyle and tastes


Being kind to yourself

Practicing self-compassion and shifting your self-talk to feel content within yourself




Book in a free 15 minute call to talk through any questions. This is the perfect chance to get to know Amber and see if she is the right nutrition coach for you. If you do decide to go ahead with the programme you may be asked to keep a food diary.


During your first 60 minute call, you and Amber will go through some paperwork to understand your diet history, current habits, stress levels, sleep patterns, fitness routine, digestive issues and other aspects of your health and wellbeing.


Following this, you will start 8 weeks of one-to-one zoom sessions with daily homework which will involve some kind of written recording as well as reflective practice. You can anticipate spending a maximum of 10 minutes a day on this.


The tenth call will be a review session to discuss your progress towards your goals, any on-going support you may need and how to make sure any changes are sustainable and for the long-term.

Cultivate a positive relationship to food, create balanced habits, and learn to tune into what works for your unique body and lifestyle.



Your Friendly Nutrition Coach

Amber is a mum, teacher, personal trainer and nutrition coach. She believes our biggest gift in life is our health and it’s her mission to help you feel your very best by nurturing the best tool you already have: your intuition. By working together to develop confidence in your choices and cultivating sustainable habits you can improve your relationship to food and live a healthier life.



"Amber is very knowledgeable about nutrition and passionate about supporting women to make positive changes to improve the quality of their lives."

Claire | December 2020

"This process has been surprisingly enjoyable, well-paced and really informative."

Luisa | November 2020

"Amber is a kind, warm hearted coach who listens carefully, asks the right questions and makes me feel so uplifted. At last, I have got control back over the choices I make around my nutrition."

Paula | November 2020