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No more bandwagons.
No more weigh-ins.

Develop habits that are simple and fit in with your life, without sacrificing the things that matter to you the most.


You already know that you 'should' be eating better, that you 'should' go to bed earlier, that you 'should' prioritise movement as well, that you 'shouldn't' feel so stressed trying to fulfil all your commitments, and all of this is making you feel awful about yourself. I completely understand. And that's why, with compassion and empathy, I will guide you through my 5 pillars of health and ensure that you have the tools that you need to make the changes to move forward towards living a life full of confidence, joy, and freedom.

The Balanced Being Programme is a 12-week virtual nutrition coaching programme for women who are determined to feel in control of their lives again. 

We begin by exploring how your thoughts and feelings have stood in your way over the years. We work together to remove all barriers that have ever gotten in the way of your nutrition. Which means a truly healthy, balanced relationship with food, not one based on restriction. We then create personalised strategies that are supportive, enjoyable, and help you to take this forward to achieve your health goals, and this time, the outcomes will last a lifetime.


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Remove ‘food guilt’ and feel in control of your choices


What you'll learn

Eating better not less

Focusing on wholefoods and a diversity of fruits, vegetables and pulses in your diet to enhance your gut health and nourish your body.

The ‘hormonal factor’

Exploring the impact hormones have on your health and nutrition, whatever stage of life you are



Understanding your sleep routine and how much rest you need to thrive, as well as where to build in rest and time to reflect



Embracing joyful movement as part of your daily routine so you feel your very best without punishing yourself with exercise that feels hard


Mindful eating

We look at informal mindful eating to bring your awareness to what you are eating and how it feels in your body


Meal Planning and Prep

Increase your skills in preparing nourishing meals based on your lifestyle and tastes that will allow you to eat well during busy times


Being kind to yourself

Practising self-compassion and shifting your self-talk to bring peace from within and allow you to move forward where you have felt stuck



Get started


Cultivate a positive relationship to food, create balanced habits, and learn to tune into what works for your unique body and lifestyle.


Complete the contact form so we can get to know each other better. This is where we will find out if Balanced Being is the right Programme for you...If you decide to go ahead with the Programme, you will become part of the Balanced Being community, which means you will receive a welcome pack containing my E-Cookbook, blog and webinar.


Once signed up, you will receive regular articles about topics such as journaling, body image, meal planning, meal prepping, hormonal health, etc. Closer to your start date, you'll have some paperwork to fill in, which will allow me to build a picture of your lifestyle, current habits, preferences and goals, as well as individualise your coaching Programme.


After this is the exciting part... the Programme begins! Each week you will receive a pre-learning video before our 75 min online group coaching call. You bring any questions, thoughts and feelings to this call. It is a dynamic, caring and compassionate environment, in which all types of personalities are supported and can thrive in their own way. In between calls, there is a bit of work to do - you will have your own personal success pack, in which you'll be reflecting and consolidating your learning week on week.



Your Friendly Nutrition Coach

Amber is a mum, personal trainer and nutrition coach. She believes our biggest gift in life is our health and it’s her mission to help you feel your very best by nurturing the best tool you already have: your intuition. By working together to develop confidence in your choices and cultivating sustainable habits you can improve your relationship to food and live a healthier life.

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Amber amd Helen Thorn

Helen Thorn

"Working with Amber has literally changed my life! Her approach to health and well-being is so thoughtful and considered and effective. Over the course of the 12 weeks, we worked together we worked on everything from eating habits, sleep, stress, work, exercise and my broader relationship with food and alcohol. I have tried dieting for years, but have never been successful, and have always found it a struggle. I now make better choices for what I eat, how I manage my time and my approach to self-care. She's an absolute gem and I can't thank her enough."



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