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Striking the Perfect Balance Between Motivation and Support

We’re excited to offer in-person training at Fitology Hub, the women-only gym based in Brockley, South East London. Whether you choose 1:1 Personal Training or 1:4 Semi-Private Training, you can expect an hour of exercise led by a coach who is passionate about challenging you to reach your fitness goals and educating you about your health. You will train with the same coach every session to ensure you build up a positive and consistent relationship that enables you to feel fully supported and cared for throughout your journey to wellbeing. 

Training with us will help you to:

  • Tone muscles, increasing strength and leanness

  • Improve heart and lung strength, reducing the risk of heart disease 

  • Strengthen your joints, reducing pain and preventing injury,

  • Increase your bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis

  • Strengthen your immune system, helping you fight against disease and infections

  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels, decreasing the risk of depression


We have designed our own exceptional cleaning and hygiene routines where we all play a role in keeping our space, our equipment and one another safe.


1:1 Personal Training

Our bodies all work differently depending on genes, age, time of the month, whether or not we’ve had children, menopause, injuries and a whole host of other variables. Fitology Hub’s Personal Training package allows you to get individual attention tailored to your body’s needs, as well as more personalised time for goal setting and tracking. Our members often say they feel a sense of accomplishment after their personal training sessions that help them to strive for more in other aspects of their lives.


1:1 Personal Training



4:1 Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Personal Training provides a caring environment to train, progress and be challenged by your coach alongside 3 other friendly and supportive members at the Hub. You’ll exercise at the Hub in your own bubble with clean equipment and ample space. Our coaches are able to adjust exercises to suit each person’s ability and goals so you’ll get the best of both worlds: the individual support you need, with the motivational boost of being part of a group of people striving to feel fit and strong.

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