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What Are People Saying?


I love this place. I hadn't worked out in a loooong time. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. No mirrors, no weigh ins or measurements. The focus is getting strong and confident. The trainers are all amazing, bringing their own flavour to the workouts. The work outs are challenging and fun. This non judgemental space is a safe space, it's a nurturing place it's a space to push your boundaries. If you're thinking of a different kind of gym, I would definitely recommend Fitology Hub. Don't think you can't lift weights, you can!! If I can anyone can.

- Blissful Thinking


I’ve been going to Fitology hub for 2 months now and I feel fabulous. The trainers are all lovely and their attention to detail is awesome. My confidence has soared and my strength and stamina are improving rapidly.


- Alice


I never thought I would take to a gym as quickly and as confidently as I have with Fitology Hub, having never been a gym person, but since joining a few months ago I haven't looked back! The owner and all the trainers have done a fantastic job at creating a warm, welcoming space that is not intimidating, pretentious or overwhelming. The classes are small and targeted, so I always feel like my needs are being met. It also creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere amongst everyone there - no egos here! The support you receive to make sure you're getting what you want out of every session has been the best I've experienced so far and you're really encouraged to keep trying and improving yourself, no matter how big or small that may be.


- Danica

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