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Training Through & Beyond Menopause

At Fitology Hub, we strive to empower women through all stages of their life. On average, women first become concerned about menopause at age 43. We want to help women learn, take charge and live their most energised lives, especially through and beyond menopause.

Dealing with hormonal fluxes during perimenopause can be debilitating and a real struggle for some women. Exercise, alongside other holistic health strategies, can be the key to controlling these symptoms. Fitology Hub is a women's only gym and work with women to improve knowledge and resilience in the run-up to menopause, empowering our members to take control of our controllables.


Postmenopause, women are at a higher risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. Resistance training increases our growth hormone, in turn increasing muscle and bone mass, aiding weight management, joint health, pelvic health and reducing risks of cardiovascular diseases. 

On average, women live a 3rd of their life postmenopause, so let's take charge, get physically and mentally stronger, and learn to live our best lives!

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