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Trans Inclusion Policy



Fitology Hub is inclusive of trans women, a decision that was taken in line with our commitment to anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory practice. This policy outlines our approach to the inclusion of trans people as members and staff.



For this policy, we use the following definitions:

  • Trans / Transgender - someone whose gender does not, either partially or fully, align with the gender they were assigned at birth. Non-binary and non-transitioning transgender people are fully included and equal under this definition.

  • Cis / Cisgender - someone whose gender does fully align with the gender that they were assigned at birth. This is the term used for anyone who isn’t transgender.

  • Non-binary - someone with a gender/identity that is not exclusively male or female, masculine or feminine‍. Some people may use other terms to describe their identity, such as genderqueer, genderfluid, bigender, agender, genderless, or other terms.

  • Transition - the process of changing ones gender presentation and/or sex characteristics to accord with one’s internal sense of gender identity. This may or may not involve surgery, hormone replacement therapy, and changes to assist being correctly identified through clothes, speech, name, pronoun use, legal documentation, etc.

Woman/women - in this document and in all Fitology Hub communications, this term is used to refer to cisgender and transgender women.

Trans Members


As a space for women, Fitology Hub’s values are grounded in creating a safe environment that responds to specific needs that women have. We also recognise that many women feel more comfortable exercising in a space that prioritises women’s needs, to the extent that they may not engage with fitness in a mixed-gender setting. 


The Equality Act 2010 protects any trans person who 'intends to undergo, is undergoing or has undergone gender reassignment', which means that trans women who have taken any steps towards transitioning are covered by the legislation. Fitology Hub is open to all self-identifying women who have taken, or are taking steps towards living as women, in line with the provisions of the Equality Act. 


With respect to the inclusion of non-binary people, we will take a person-centred and case-by-case approach. We recognise that some non-binary people may be presumed to be women and/or have the same experiences and barriers to fitness as cisgender and transgender women. Similarly, some non-binary people may benefit from our expertise surrounding fitness and menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and other physiological experiences that many cisgender women also have. Therefore, it may be entirely appropriate for non-binary people to be members of Fitology Hub. For new members this will be discussed during the free consultation, where the person attending the consultation and the staff member will mutually decide if Fitology Hub is right for their needs. Existing members can arrange to speak to a Fitology Hub member of staff to discuss this at any time.


In most cases, Fitology Hub services will not be open to people who for the most part live as or identify as men. 


In some cases, a member may begin their transition while already involved with Fitology Hub. Transition is a process and so we recognise that in some cases trans men may wish to continue using our services in the early stages of transition. In this case, we would take a person-centred, case-by-case approach with the member concerned to ascertain the point at which they are no longer comfortable in a space for women.


It is our job to ensure that all members receive a quality service from us, regardless of whether they are trans or cis, or any other personal characteristics. We acknowledge that to be fully welcoming to trans people, we need to take certain steps:

  • Ensuring that staff receive sufficient training and guidance to understand and support the needs of trans members

  • Ensuring that publicity material is inclusive e.g. using the phrase “open to any self-identifying women” for women-only events


Our staff:

  • Will challenge transphobia by other staff and members. 

  • Will do their best to use correct and respectful language about trans members’ identity (e.g. they will ask which pronouns and/or names the member prefers to be called).

  • Will not disclose trans members’ gender history without their permission.

Trans Staff


In line with the Equality Act 2010, Schedule 9, Part 1, Paragraph 1, Fitology Hub is legally able to exclusively hire women for all roles in direct contact with our members. This includes all self-identifying women as described above as well as non-binary people on a case-by-case basis.


We do not ask about an employee’s trans status during the recruitment process, and if a disclosure is made, it is not considered a criterion for the selection process. We recognise that disclosing a person’s trans history to colleagues or members without their consent may be highly distressing to that individual and can also be unlawful. We will always seek permission before disclosing this information to others.


If a staff member notifies the business owners that they are considering transitioning, a meeting should be held between that member of staff and the business owners to discuss in confidence what this will entail and what support they will need from Fitology Hub.


The following points will be taken into account during this meeting:

  • Whether the employee wishes to be called by a different name and/or pronoun

  • Whether the employee wishes to inform colleagues/members themselves, or would prefer this to be done by someone else

  • The anticipated timescale of the transition process

  • What time off will be required e.g. for medical appointments 

  • What amendments will be required to records and systems


We will work collaboratively with the employee to agree what this will mean for their role. For trans men, we recognise that in some cases they may wish to continue working at Fitology Hub in the early stages of transition. We will discuss at which point it may no longer be appropriate for them to continue to work in a space for women. For non-binary employees, we recognise that they may or may not still feel comfortable working in a space for women. In all cases, we will take a person-centred, case-by-case approach with the employee concerned to mutually decide on their next steps.

Final Thoughts


At Fitology Hub, we understand that we might not get it right every time. We also recognise that it is our duty to ensure that we are open to feedback and learning from our mistakes. Our goal is that every member and employee of Fitology Hub is respected, safe, and able to bring their whole selves to the Hub.

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