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Where you’ll find food freedom and a deep appreciation of your body for all it can do.

Let us show you how!

Who The Programme is for

The True You Programme is for women who have felt stuck for years, trying to change their size, shape, and health, but coming up against barriers time and time again.


They know there’s a better way but don’t know where to start.

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How great would it be to find freedom?



Freedom from dieting, unhealthy habits, and other punishing behaviour rooted in the past.


Freedom to achieve more than you could ever believe.


Leading to a body and mindset you feel proud of.

Maybe you find yourself pulled in different directions

Between the lure of quick-fix diets, and the sense that your body knows better.


Thinking it’s impossible to try so hard and feel so exhausted forever. And you don’t want to make an enemy of your own body. But you’ve never known quite what to do?

Wouldn't it be great to make a big life change and stop playing small?

  • You felt like you were finally getting past decades of controlling food rules or unhelpful eating habits.

  • You found a form of movement you actually enjoy and keep doing.

  • You overcame the feeling of playing small and holding back.​

  • That you were able to set a great example for younger people in the family.

  • You could take on that physical challenge you’ve always dreamt of doing.

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What is The True You Programme?

A 12-week programme where we will guide you to set meaningful goals that you connect to on a heart-and-soul level. This will help you keep going long after the programme is over.

A 12-week virtual group coaching programme specifically designed to look after your mind and body. You’ll be alongside 5 other individuals who will support you all the way!

Weekly recorded group guidance through a Strength Movement session tailored to your goals and a focus on learning form and technique with Suzanne. This is done at home via video call.

Weekly recorded group coaching calls with Amber to reflect on the week that’s just gone, visualise the week to come, and stack habits to make sure you are moving in the direction you want.

Monthly individual success coaching session with Suzanne to help implement your personal strategies for success.

Messages of support, useful resources, and relevant extras like workshops and webinars.

Ending the programme with an ongoing plan to keep the momentum going, so that the changes become your new normal.

Ready to take the first step?