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Myth vs. Truth

The world is full of misleading and confusing information about health, nutrition, and training. It can be difficult to find the truth amongst all of the myths. In reality, things are much more complicated than a single answer, so when you read prescriptive advice with words like 'always, never, every time, everyone,' you can guess that it might not be completely accurate.


We're doing our bit to debunk some of these myths. Check out our responses to some common misconceptions below. 

  • What do you offer at Fitology Hub?
    Fitology Hub isn't your typical gym. We are a women's only gym and create a safe, respectful environment where our female members are cared for and valued. There are no mirrors, very few machines and you are taken through movements step by step so you feel focused on yourself and confident to try new things. ​Our members report that they achieve things they never thought they could. We offer personal training and small group/semi-private sessions (4 people max) both in-studio and online. We keep our sessions small so we can give the individual attention needed to progress movement, learn about your body, and develop existing skills and fitness. Book a free consultation now to find out more!
  • I would love to get more information, where do I start?
    We believe in building authentic, personal relationships with our members, so we invite everybody in for a free consultation. During your consultation we'll ask some simple questions to get to know you as a person as well as your fitness needs and goals. We will then talk you through the different packages we offer. At the end, you can choose if Fitology Hub is the right fit for you. We also run events and workshops, which are a great way of getting a feel for what we do.
  • Do you specialise in peri-or postmenopause?
    As many of our clients are peri- or postmenopausal, we regularly bring in outside specialists to train our coaches to work with peri- or postmenopausal women. We will work with you to ensure that you're prepared for perimenopause, that you understand its symptoms, and that you're living your best life before, during and after menopause. Afterall, many of us live a third of our life postmenopause, so it'd better be good! Read how Ali used exercise, nutrition, and other aspects of health to ensure she got herself back to full energy, life, and fun after menopause.
  • Does Fitology Hub specialise in pre- or postnatal care?
    Yes, we have Coaches who can work with pre- and postnatal clients. All pre- and postnatal members go through a screening process to ensure we provide the most thorough care possible during this transformational stage of life. If there are areas of concern, we can refer you to our trusted practitioners who can support you with any medical care needed.
  • I have never been to the gym and I am now looking to get fit. Can you help me?
    We understand how nerve-racking it can be to take the first steps to getting fit, strong and healthy. Fitology Hub is a safe environment where our members are cared for and empowered. Our Team are supportive, friendly and happy to answer all your questions. No matter if it's your first time in a gym or your thousandth, sessions are tailored to your abilities. You can do it! Book a free consultation to learn more about how we can support you.
  • I’m recovering from a recent injury. Can Fitology Hub coaches help me without putting too much pressure on my injury?
    At Fitology Hub we provide personal training and small group sessions that allow for one-to-one time with a Coach. Our Coaches are incredibly knowledgeable and sympathetic to injury and will help you build your physical strength around your injury ultimately improving and possibly even eliminating pain. We work with you and your body! Have a read of our member spotlights to see how gradually building strength has allowed people to move beyond their injuries, control their life and change how they feel and think about injury or trauma. In your free consultation we can talk through the specifics of your injury and what can be done to help.
  • What's the class schedule like? Do you have evening or weekend options?
    We offer small group and personal training sessions 7 days a week (including evenings) to ensure we cater to our members' busy lives. During the consultation we will run through all of the sessions in detail and help you figure out a good starting schedule. Beyond this, you will be able to choose adhoc sessions via our mobile app.
  • What are your prices?
    Our package options and costs are explained in detail during your consultation. You will be able to choose which package works best for you.
  • I am looking for a personal trainer, is this something you offer?
    Yes, we offer high-quality personal training for women at Fitology Hub. Book a free consultation to learn more.
  • What should I wear to the initial consultation?
    The consultation will mostly be a chat to get to know you and understand your specific needs, but we may ask you to do a few movements. We recommend that you wear tracksuit bottoms or leggings and comfortable footwear. We understand that attending a consultation can be nerve-racking, so we want you to be as comfortable as possible. You will not be ‘made’ to do anything you are not happy with! Book a free consultation now.
  • I am looking to lose weight. Can you help me?
    We offer personal training and small group sessions (4 people max) at Fitology Hub. All of our packages include one-to-one time with our Coaches that can be used to support you on any goals you wish to achieve. At Fitology Hub we focus on improving strength, confidence and fitness. Healthy weight loss happens naturally when we build good habits with exercise, sleep, hydration, nutrition and reduced stress. Our Coaches can provide support and guidance in all of these areas. If you wish to focus directly on nutrition, we have specific nutrition coaching packages to support this part of your journey.
  • Can I come in and use the gym freely?
    Fitology Hub is not your conventional gym. We value giving members individualised care to ensure that they get the necessary attention and support. Because of this, we exclusively offer pre-booked classes and personal training. After your free consultation you will be given access to our app where you will be able to sign up to sessions.
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