Myth vs. Truth

The world is full of misleading and confusing information about health, nutrition, and training. It can be difficult to find the truth amongst all of the myths. In reality, things are much more complicated than a single answer, so when you read prescriptive advice with words like 'always, never, every time, everyone,' you can guess that it might not be completely accurate.


We're doing our bit to debunk some of these myths. Check out our responses to some common misconceptions below. 

How can I visit the island?

Unfortunately, the island is not currently open to the public due to ongoing restoration efforts

I am a Filmer/Photographer interested in the castle, can I come take pictures/film there?

Although we appreciate your interest, outside filmers or photographers are not allowed to film or take pictures on the island at this time.

Is there a place I can view the island?

The only places to view the island currently are on public roads, there are clearings on Oakgrove Drive to view the castle gatehouse that are accesible to the public, other places on the island cannot currently be seen from public land

I am interested in the ecological restoration on the island, how can I learn more?

If you are interested in the restoration efforts, please visit the Restoration Blog,, or contact to learn more

Will the island ever be open to the public?

While there is no set date, during late stages of the restoration and after the renovations are complete, our goal is to utilize the island as a resource for community education in the future.