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Women Supporting Women

Sometimes it can be hard to find the support you need from people who make you feel safe, understood and respected. However, we know that the Fitology Hub community is made up of incredible entrepreneurs, skilled artisans, talented leaders, and just about everyone in between.


We want all our members to be able to access the strength and expertise in the Fitology community, so, we’ve partnered with these businesses to bring you support from people who just get it.

Get in touch if you'd like your business to be featured here!

Blissful Thinking Massage and Wellbeing

Blissful Thinking Massage and Wellbeing

Trained in advanced clinical and sports massage, Suki Chung at Blissful Thinking can help release tight muscles that may be holding back your training. If you have chronic pain, a course of treatments can help reduce and relieve your pain. Contact Suki directly to book in.

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Brockley Chiropractic

Brockley Chiropractic

Charlotte Parsley BSc (Hons) MChiro DC

Charlotte is an energetic, friendly and 'leave no stone unturned' kinda person! First and foremost she listens to you and takes a holistic approach to your care. She loves to keep fit and will work with you to improve your form or safely return to exercise following injury. She has lived in Brockley for 16 years and loves the sense of community. Check out her website, give her a bell or book online to take the next step!

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Help Me Healthy Nutrition

Help Me Healthy Nutrition

Alice Yeates

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Inclusive Counseling Care

Inclusive Counseling Care

Kerri Parke

We all find things difficult from time to time…

There are times when we all need someone to talk to. Often, family and friends can offer valuable advice. But talking to a qualified counsellor provides an impartial, objective and non-judgemental space to empower you to work out the best solutions to problems in your life, relationships or work. Counselling can help you with things like trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, bereavement, loss and stress.

Counselling with Inclusive Counselling Care will be collaborative and will go at your own pace. I will not judge you, make you talk about anything that feels too painful until you are ready and I will not tell you what to do.

Sometimes people think they have to be “crazy” or have serious mental health issues, or have experienced a severe trauma to go to counselling. My response is, if it’s important to you then it’s worth talking about with someone. It doesn’t matter how small you think the issue is, talking about it can help.

All sessions are held via Zoom but I am based in Sydney, Australia and sessions will be dependent on working with the time difference.

For more information see or @inclusivecounsellingcare on Facebook and Instagram

Therapeutic Writing Sessions

Therapeutic Writing Sessions

Ruth Coates

Writing can be an insightful, relaxing and supportive experience. Therapeutic writing sessions with me offer a combination of guided prompts and techniques, with relaxation techniques guided by myself, an experienced psychotherapist, facilitator and lover of words. I know for myself the power of the writing in this way to hold, reveal and to heal.

My regular writing programme consists of three 90 minute sessions over 3 weeks, curated around a theme that feels most relevant at that time. Sessions are held in small groups and there is never a requirement to share. Participants have said that this feels like a private experience held in a community of like-minded others.

All you need is your pen, paper and curiosity.

Programmes run several times a year, email me at for upcoming dates and details, or take a look at [FB Ruth Coates Counselling / Insta @ruthcoatestherapy].

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