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Bea Hogdal


Bea is a gentle and inspiring leader who takes individual members by the hand, ensuring they get the right support throughout their fitness journey. Bea grew up in Finland and became a professional dancer as a teenager. She moved to London when she was 18 and after a few years of dancing, decided to change her career from dance to personal training. She has worked at Fitology Hub for over 3 years and has exclusively worked with women throughout her career.

Bea has a special interest in back pain, recently completing her thesis for her Masters in Strength & Conditioning in Back Pain. Under Bea’s care, many of our members have had an improved quality of life with reduced pain, better understanding of their bodies, and increased physical and mental strength. Her attention to detail is incredible and no matter where your fitness is, Bea can work with you to take it to the next level. Her supportive, encouraging coaching leaves our members feeling safe and celebrated. Members have described her coaching style as therapeutic, inspiring, safe and caring. Through her creative coaching style she motivates members to build strength, mobility and endurance to become more confident and resilient.

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