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The Benefits of Joining a Women-Only Gym

How joining a women-only gym can improve your health and wellbeing

Looking for a safe workout space without the noise and pressure of a standard gym?

More and more women are joining dedicated women-only gyms so they can work on

their health and fitness goals in a supportive environment. Here’s what to look for in a

women only gym.

What’s different about a women-only gym?

We all know that regular exercise can work wonders for your health. It’s not just about

losing weight or how you look in your favourite clothes. Exercise also has proven

benefits for your emotional wellbeing, heart health, hormones and building confidence.

But traditional gyms aren’t built for women. Many women find big gyms intimidating,

overwhelming, and stressful – not to mention far too noisy! Women-only gyms are

fitness spaces designed to be comfortable and welcoming for all women.

Safe workout space

In a women-only gyms, you can be confident that the only people there will be women.

You don’t need to explain why you’d rather workout around women. We understand that

you simply feel safer and more relaxed in a female environment. Many women-only

gyms will even have female-only coaches, personal trainers, and front of house staff.

Supportive environment

Many women need a specific style of encouragement and motivation when it comes to

their bodies. A women-only gym will provide the kind of support that helps women thrive

on a physical and emotional level.


Fear of judgement is a big barrier to working out for many women. At women’s gyms

like ours, you can be assured a judgement-free zone. You’ll meet all ages, sizes, and

shapes of women here, and we’ve all been on the journey of life. Nobody judges

anybody else (although we do all quietly cheer each other on!)

Calm, energising atmosphere

Yes, the gym needs to be motivating. But that doesn’t mean loud, pounding music or the

crashing of weights on the floor. At our women-only gym we keep the atmosphere calm

and gentle, to nourish our frazzled nervous systems.

Designed for women’s bodies

If you go to a regular gym, you’ll find that lots of the weights machines and fitness

equipment are designed for men’s bodies. At a women’s gym like ours, the equipment,

layout, and changing pods are made for women. Because women are the ones who will

be using it!

5 benefits of being at a women-only gym

1. Women’s fitness sessions and personal training for women

Workout with women who share the goals of being kind, understanding and respectful.

Share fitness sessions, small group personal training, or have one-to-one personal

training with a female coach.

2. Female trainers, instructors and coaches

3. A safe, female-friendly space for women to move and workout

Find a women’s gym that makes you feel relaxed and supported so you feel safe to

challenge yourself with compassion.

4. Gym equipment designed for women of all ages

Why should you have to use equipment designed for men (that’s just been used by

men!) Our gym is made for women - even the temperature is designed to support

women going through menopause!

5. Opening hours that cater for busy women’s schedules

Women-only gyms like ours have opening hours that take into account childcare, school

runs, full time and part time work schedules. We want to help you build fitness into the

structure of your week so it becomes a sustainable habit.

What to expect when you join a women’s gym

When you reach out to your local women only gym, you should expect a friendly and

personal reply inviting you along for a chat and tour of the space. Don’t feel rushed or

pressured to join up. Take your time looking around and ask as many questions as you


What to look for in a great women-only fitness space

Joining a gym is a significant investment, and your conversations should reflect that. It

should feel ‘right’ and tick all your boxes. Think about your likes and goals (or look for

help if you don’t know what they are yet.) Consider the kind of movement you enjoy

(classes, group training, 1-on-1 personal training?) Check the opening hours and

timetable so you know it suits your schedule. Do you need parking spaces or close

proximity to public transport? Will you be showering at the gym? Ultimately - do you feel

like this gym will be a good addition to your life?

Women-only gyms in south London

Once you find a women-only gym that ticks all your boxes and feels like home, you will

start making incredible changes to your health and wellness. If you’re looking for a

women-only gym in south London, drop us a line. Our women-only gym in Brockley is a

welcoming, safe workout space for women.


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