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Overcoming Gym Anxiety: How Women-Only Gyms Create a Safe Space

Gym anxiety is keeping women away from traditional gyms – here’s how women-only

gyms are helping women get fitter and stronger.

Staff and members of the Fitology Hub
Staff and members of the Fitology Hub

What is gym anxiety?

Gym anxiety is a term that describes the feeling of worry or dread that you might

experience when you think about going to the gym. This is usually because of a

negative experience with PE at school or at a gym, or because of a preconception

you’ve got about gyms being judgemental or unwelcoming.

Women are more likely to suffer from gym anxiety than men (although we acknowledge

that plenty of men feel anxious about going to the gym, too). The main factors behind

women’s gym anxiety is fear of being looked at or judged, people making comments,

not knowing about proper exercise technique, worry about being too unfit, or a dislike of

loud gym music.

Am I suffering from gymtimidation?

If you’re reading this, you probably have felt “gymtimidation” or gym anxiety. Perhaps

you’ve tried going to a traditional gym and had a bad experience. Or maybe you’d like to

join a gym but keep putting it off because you think all gyms will be noisy, macho, or

intimidating. If you are worried about going to a gym, keep reading to find out why a

women-only gyms could be right for you.

Remember that none of this is your fault. Girls are steered away from strength training

(and gyms in general) from an early age. We’re encouraged to do ‘feminine’ physical activity, and told to be careful and ‘not overdo it’. And traditionally, gyms were all about

losing weight and achieving a certain body type.

At Fitology Hub, we are changing all of that! No mirrors, no judgement. Just the

opportunity to tune in with yourself and feel great about what you’re doing. We help you

feel stronger - mentally and physically.

Overcoming gym intimidation

1. Identify your biggest concerns

Do you know what’s behind your gym anxiety? Have you had a bad experience in the

past? Do you know you hate loud music or noisy weights? Could you do without people

looking at you or making comments? Once you know what’s worrying you, you can find

a safe workout space.

2. Look for a women-only gym near you

Women-only gyms are designed and run for women of all ages and fitness levels. At our

gym in south London, we offer small group training and one-to-one personal training

with female staff and trainers. The atmosphere is calm and welcoming. People are

accepting and kind. Our community understands that we are all individuals and show

this through kindness and love.

By changing the atmosphere, shifting expectations, and leaning into what people

actually want to do, we help our members overcome gym anxiety and really enjoy their

workout space.

3. Find a fitness community for women

We know that everyone who joins our community has a lifetime of experiences with

exercise and nutrition that has shaped them somehow. A good women-only gym will

naturally have a fitness community of women who support and motivate each other.

That’s certainly true at our gym – the Fitology Hub. We are all here for each other and

love to celebrate every small win along the way.

Is a women-only gym good for gym anxiety?

A women-only gym is the solution to every source of your gym anxiety as a woman. If

you worry about not knowing what to do in a gym, we fix that by offering expert

coaching that’s tailored to women’s bodies at every stage of life. If the thought of loud

music or crashing weights puts you off, be assured that our gym is calm and quiet.

Women have lots to do! Jobs, responsibilities, caring roles - it's full on. We don't have

time to be sore, exhausted and unable to move after a workout. That's why we coach in

a sustainable way that allows us to build strength well into our 60s and 70s.

We’re all women, and we all understand what it’s like to feel nervous or unconfident

especially about our bodies. We offer female empowerment in a safe workout space

that’s free from criticism.

How does a women’s gym help with confidence

A women-only gym eliminates a lot of the stresses and pressures many women feel

when they go to the gym. Many women feel safer and more relaxed working out with

other women, especially if they are new to the gym. And when we want to discuss

women’s health or hormone issues, it’s just nicer to be around people who will


What to look for in a women-only gym

1. Female trainers and instructors

Our gym has all-female staff, including the personal trainers and instructors that will

coach and support you.

2. A supportive environment

Make sure you feel supported, cared for, and listened to when you first go to your local

women-only gym.

3. Women’s fitness classes

If you enjoy doing classes or group exercise, make sure the gym offers women’s fitness

classes on days and times that will work for you.

4. Women’s fitness success stories

Ask to see or hear about some success stories from the women-only gym. Do they

resonate with you and your goals? Check out our Reclaiming Yourself podcast to hear from some amazing women who have used strength training to reclaim and rebuild themselves and do things they never thought possible.

5. A safe workout space

Most importantly, do you feel safe and relaxed in the gym? The best gym is the one

where you feel motivated and supported with no pressure.

Best women-only gym for gym anxiety

Our women-only gym in Brockley south London is a haven for women in their 40s+ who

don’t want to go to a traditional big gym. We’ve created a supportive environment where

you’ll be guided through the best workouts and exercises for women. Drop us a line to


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