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Suki Chung

Suki Chung

Fitology Hub Member
9 months

Suki is a Mobile Massage Therapist who lives in Lewisham with her husband of 21 years, Phil, and two children, aged 15 and 8 years old. Her fearless attitude and belief in the power of simply ‘giving things a go’ have led to a life full of winding adventures and continual personal development. As a highly knowledgeable and skilled expert in massage, she understands the importance of caring for the intricate layers and systems of the body and isn’t afraid to practice what she preaches when it comes to self-care and improving her level of fitness.

There’s a running joke in Suki’s family that she is on one long gap year. Far from never having grown up, this statement is testament to the energy and enthusiasm that Suki has dedicated to exploring the world. Through bold and brave decisions she has given herself the freedom to make the most of the opportunities that have come her way. When she
finished school she set to work to save up money to go travelling and, despite friends lined up to join changing their minds, she was determined to fulfill this dream alone. Whilst it hasn’t been a completely smooth ride since, she has maintained a sense of curiosity in what could happen next.

New York was Suki’s first second home, where she spent six and a half years working in HR, learnt to ski during weekend trips to Vermont and met her future husband on a fateful night out. Realising that the only way to be together was for her to take the plunge and return to the UK, Suki swiftly left her job, sold her flat, furniture and car and even gave away her cat. Their first joint adventure was to set-off to work ski seasons in the Apline playground of Val d'Isere. For a number of years Phil worked as a chef while Suki ran front of house and became Resort Manager, covering five chalets. She learnt to snowboard and despite injuring herself on her first attempted turn and her knee by falling 7ft after getting caught in a ski lift, thankfully there’s been no lasting damage. In the summer months the couple swapped the slopes for the sea and worked as a dream team aboard luxury yachts.

The pair chose to return home in preparation for starting a family, but Suki characteristically left her ‘sensible’ admin job to do another season on the yachts when pregnant with her daughter, relishing every moment. Whilst raising a young family she let her love of massage blossom and gained degree level qualifications as a therapist, which she tops-up by studying new skills and techniques each year. The science-based areas of her knowledge have allowed her to treat clients with complex needs, such as chronic pain, rather than referring them to physiotherapists and osteopaths.

This deep-seated respect for anatomy is shared by her Fitology Hub coaches who have helped improve Suki’s form by suggesting precise adjustments to exercises like squats. She has now re-starting a regular training programme, with a new baseline post lockdown. Knowing that her fitness can improve steadily and that niggles can be alleviated motivates her hugely. Always ready to progress, she is raring to embrace her strength and the challenge of lifting heavier weights, whilst her career evolves to include training as a midwife – a profession full of its own anatomical adventures.

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