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Amber Keatley-Shaikh

Nutrition Coach

Amber is a gentle, warm and inspirational coach, who is always encouraging and supportive to members, staff, and just about anyone who comes in contact with our unique business.

Amber is Fitology Hub's Nutrition Coach and launched Balanced Being in 2021 while being a mum to our little boy, working in a full-time job, and coaching - making her quite possibly the busiest person we know! Despite this, she always finds time to look you in the eye and talk for as long as you need. Amber also happens to run like a gazelle, is incredibly strong and very good at burpees!

Amber believes the biggest gift in life is our health and has made it her mission to help you feel your very best. Whether you want to improve your relationship with food or optimise your current way of eating, Amber will work with you to develop confidence in your own decisions and learn to trust your intuition.

A few words from Amber:

"As a mum, teacher, personal trainer, and nutrition coach, I understand how busy life can be and how daunting it can be to take on yet another thing.

Having struggled with my own relationship with food in my teenage years, as well as being hugely impacted and held back by hating my body, I understand first-hand the daily challenges of feeling uncomfortable in your own body. That is why I create tailored support that puts YOU first - empowering you to take control and make peace with food, your body, and feel more confident in your choices. It's my passion to provide support to all women on their unique journey so you can live a fulfilled life.

The Balanced Being Programme doesn't involve restrictions, rigid rules, prescribed meal plans or calorie counting. Instead, you will be supported to listen to your body and reconnect with your intuition.

Alongside nutritional guidance to enable you to optimise your energy, health, and vitality, you will learn new ways to reduce cravings and shift emotional eating behaviours by looking at your daily habits. Nothing will feel extreme, as we'll break things down into small, manageable and achievable steps.

The Balanced Being Programme is a remarkable experience with results that are undeniable. These results are not just about changing how you look, but more importantly, the way you feel inside out and I cannot wait to share it with you."

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