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Laurie Case


Laurie is a vibrant and compassionate coach dedicated to supporting members on every step of their fitness journey. With a professional dance background, Laurie brings a keen eye for technique and a passion for breaking down strength training movements into easy to understand steps. Drawing from this, Laurie emphasises the importance of mobility and core work to complement strength training, crafting sessions that leave you feeling balanced, as well as strong.

Laurie’s path to becoming a personal trainer was influenced by her own battles with negative body image during her formative years. It was through strength training that her focus shifted from external pressures and aesthetic ideals, to building inner confidence and feeling empowered in her own skin. Because of this, Laurie understands the bravery it takes to make that first step, and is committed to creating a nurturing and engaging space where members feel empowered to tackle new challenges with confidence.

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