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Stephanie Crowhurst

Coach & Hub Manager

Stephanie is an experienced coach and recognises the importance of coaching women through various life stages, including training in phases of the menstrual cycle, pre and post natal training, and training through peri and menopause and beyond. She understands that each woman's journey is unique and their training should be tailored to meet their individual needs. With only 6-8% of research focusing on women-only, Stephanie is committed to staying abreast of the latest findings in women's health and fitness.

Throughout her life, Stephanie has enthusiastically pursued various physical activities, ranging from childhood soccer to obstacle course races, triathlon training, and strength training. Most recently, she has found passion in climbing and bouldering where she realised she had a fear of falling and was determined to conquer this mental challenge, in order to continue to excel in this sport.

Stephanie's approach to coaching is marked by compassion and encouragement. Members can trust her to guide them toward realising their true potential in a supportive environment for growth and exploration.

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