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Suzanne Keatley


Being from an Irish family of 7 children and spending 15 years as a teacher of teenagers has given Suzanne some pretty useful skills when it comes to coaching, running Fitology Hub, and being a mother. Suzanne has an empathetic and respectful coaching style, which helps others to try new things, to look at health and wellbeing through a different lens and ultimately, to grow in confidence.

Despite having been a sporty teenager, and an outwardly confident PE teacher and coach, Suzanne suffered negative feelings about her own body image. She also struggled with severe back pain, which caused her increased stress and anxiety about not being able to fulfill her life’s ambitions. Discovering strength training changed everything for Suzanne. She learned how to manage her back pain, as well as that she is strong and capable, which has helped her confidence to flourish.

Suzanne met her wife, Amber (an occupational therapist, coach and teacher) in 2013, and they married in Italy in 2016. After going through IVF in 2018, Suzanne gave birth to their beautiful son Zayden. Suzanne believes in being continually reflective so she can learn and develop as a mother, while her son grows into a strong, kind, grateful and (hopefully) humble adult. Suzanne and Amber’s dog Bosco, a bit of a character, has become a regular feature at Fitology Hub.

A huge part of Suzanne’s philosophy is centred around the intersection between compassion and challenge. In other words, greeting people with open arms, listening to their story, understanding where they are at and having the expertise to respond with the right amount of challenge at the right time. For her, it's essential to approach fitness in a sustainable way. Every time you exercise you understand more about your physical health and mental wellbeing. Regular healthy choices build on each other so we become stronger and fitter as we get older and can achieve things we never thought possible.

Developing spaces where women can be themselves, get the support and expertise they need to develop healthier, more fulfilling lives is an ever growing vision for Suzanne.

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