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Jeni England


Having originally trained as a yoga teacher, Jeni adopts a holistic approach to coaching and is a firm believer in meeting your body where it's at each day.

After switching her own training focus more towards strength and conditioning due to a connective tissue disorder diagnosis and related injuries, Jeni became a qualified personal trainer. Through seeing results in her own health and strength she is now passionate about helping others work to achieve injury free fitness, particularly women with hypermobility.

While she values pushing boundaries and exploring new challenges, she prioritises the long-term health and well-being of her members. Jeni’s coaching sessions are designed to work on functional movement patterns, cultivating a mind-body connection to engage both the brain and body. She will always encourage members to feel their way into movements and explain what is happening to their bodies when they are training with her.

Recently, Jeni has ventured into fitness competitions like Hyrox and is pursuing additional qualifications to assist clients in reaching performance goals for specific events or races.

Beyond personal training, Jeni has a decade of experience as a tailor and operates a business catering for yoga and wellness retreats.

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