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Alex T

Alex T

Fitology Hub Member
5 years
May 2019- Present

Alex is 71 years “young” and has been strength training at Fitology Hub weekly since 2019.

She has lived a remarkably interesting life thus far, commencing her career as a teacher. She spent some time teaching in Nigeria before transitioning to working with children facing behavioural challenges in London. In 2000, she earned a degree in Psychology and subsequently embarked on a career in public health until her retirement in 2016.

Alex describes herself as coming from a non-sporty background, she never really enjoyed exercise but dabbled with some yoga in her early thirties. It wasn’t until she was fifty years old that she moved into working in psychology and public health and was involved projects looking at health promotion material and interventions that help physical fitness. As a mature adult, she took particular interest in this topic and was convinced by outstanding evidence emphasising the importance of exercise for healthy ageing, alongside leading a healthy lifestyle.

In her last few years of her working life, it was becoming apparent to Alex that she needed to take part in some regular exercise in order to continue to age well. She used to cycle to her office in London Bridge and joined with her local authority gym, which she said always felt a ‘bit grubby’ and she didn't feel confident using the equipment.

Time was a limiting factor as she was working full time and had a partner who needed her care.
Upon retirement she took up yoga again and really enjoyed it and a good friend told her about Fitology Hub. At the time she had a broken wrist and was diagnosed with osteopenia, with the likelihood that she might need to start taking long term medication for osteoporosis, which she was very keen to avoid.

It was then, she reflected on the intensive research she had previously carried out, which suggested strength training is very good for bone density, so in 2019 she joined Fitology Hub and started having 1:1 sessions until she became confident with her form and technique. During Covid, Alex moved to Virtual PT sessions and looks back with fond memories of how these wonderful sessions brought structure to her week during lockdown. She bought kettlebells and dumbbells and realised how effective home workouts could be!

She joined 4:1 semi private sessions after Covid and has never looked back! She said that whenever she sees a medical professional, they are truly impressed she isn’t on any long term medication at her age (so much so, they even double check in case she’s forgotten something!) Alex feels that the exercise plays a big part in this.

Alex had an accident many years ago and damaged her knee. The cartilage was removed and a subsequent x-ray showed just bone on bone by the kneecap. After a long wait, she saw a physiotherapist who agreed that strength training is a key factor in helping to strengthen the knee and maintain its functionality and hopefully permanently delay potential knee replacement surgery.

Another marker which has convinced Alex about the merits and benefits of strength training is her recent DEXA scan showed that bone loss had slowed down and she was no longer borderline for needing to take osteoporosis medication, which was her main motivation for starting her sessions at Fitology Hub in the first place.

What Alex loves about her sessions at Fitology Hub is the sessions focus not only on strength training but involves some cardiovascular activity too. ‘It’s given me more confidence in my body and its capabilities’.
Since starting strength training, Alex believes she has retained capacity in everyday life for lifting weights. She believes she can do more for herself and generally feels better in herself.

Alex states that the research findings for exercise show that ‘it is good for mood, it is good for the heart, it can help lower cholesterol and it may also promote neurogenesis (the process by which new neurons are formed in the brain) and so it's good for both your mental and physical health’.

She was recently even helping her builder move a heavy wooden bookcase and he was so impressed he told all his workmen to watch!

Alex very honestly says: ‘I don't feel wonderful when I exercise. I wish I was one of those people who did, but I do feel better afterwards for doing it’. Alex believes that as you age, ‘it is easy to slip in frailty without realising it. If you don’t exercise you become dependent on others and although everyone always needs to accept people’s help sometimes, no-one truly wants to be unnecessarily dependent’

Alex has a very inspiring and motivating outlook on life. She is keen to increase her disability free life expectancy and aims to keep exercising well into her nineties and beyond.
She is determined to be able to do the practical things such as being able to get down on the floor to play with children, pick things up, to do her shoelaces, to be able to have the balance and stability to climb a ladder and change a light bulb and even be able to recover from a fall a little more efficiently.

Alex believes the results of exercise have helped to make other aspects of her life more enjoyable. She loves to walk and very much enjoys walking along the Thames path. She’s been on many holidays involving long distance walking.

Alex praises the exceptional quality of sessions and coaches at Fitology Hub. She appreciates the well-equipped facility and values the opportunity to train alongside women of various ages and abilities. Furthermore, she enjoys the social interactions and strong sense of community fostered by Fitology Hub.

When questioned about the advice she would offer to someone of a similar age, Alex responded with the following thoughts:
‘I would advise you to find a way of doing some sort of exercise that you enjoy, even if it's just one hour a week because I have faith that good exercise flows into the rest of the week. It helps you to use your body better, it gives you more confidence and puts you in communication with your body. It can prevent future injuries and for that reason alone it is worth putting in that time and investment into your health’.

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