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Building Confidence and Community at a Women-Only Gym

Have you been putting off the idea of working out at a gym because of the competitive

atmosphere or unfriendly vibe? Step inside a women-only gym for a safe space and

encouraging female community!

Suzanne, founder, with member of the women-only gym, Fitology Hub
Fitology Hub - Women-Only Gym in Brockley

What is a women-only gym?

If you’ve never heard of a women-only gym, you might be wondering exactly what we

mean. When the first gyms opened, they were for men. Eventually, some of them

allowed women in. But they had been built with men in mind, and that’s why so many

mainstream gyms still retain a macho atmosphere – noisy, competitive, and not always

completely welcoming to newcomers.

Women-only gyms are designed and run for women. Everything from the layout and

equipment, to opening times and session timetable cater for the needs of women. Our

women-only gym in Brockley south London is a calm, safe training space run by women

for women. We’ve nothing against men! We just prefer to discuss our health and fitness

in a women-only space.

Is there a women-only gym near me?

Chances are there’s a women-only gym or fitness space near you. Our gym is called

Fitology Hub and it’s in Brockley, south London. Our members come from all around

east London and include women who either live near Brockley or come to the area for

work. We also have online personal training, so you can actually be a Fitology Hub

member even if you don’t live near Brockley.

Can a women-only gym help build confidence?

Exercising can bring out body confidence issues in anyone. That’s why a great

women-only gym will give you the space and support to overcome your fears and move

forward at your own pace.

Judgement-free gym for women

One of the biggest things that keeps women away from the gym is fear of judgement.

After all, who wants to feel as if other gym members are judging their body, their

workout clothes, or the way they’re doing a particular exercise! We get it. Our

women-only gym is small and private, with a limited number of members. We’re all

supportive of each other’s background, experience, and journey.

Choose your style of workout

Working out with shouty personal trainers who push you too hard will soon dent your

confidence. At our women-only gym, you set the pace. Tell us about your goals and

what you enjoy. We’ll help you find the workouts or sessions that will tap into your joy

for movement. Absolutely no bootcamp-style shouting here!

Strength training for women

Strength training has so many benefits for women, including boosting bone density,

protecting against osteoporosis, and supporting your metabolism as you get older. A

good women-only gym will teach you how to strength train safely with the best strength

training exercises for women. We use strength training to heal trauma in the body

leading to a love for training and the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest.

Overcoming gym intimidation

For many women, gyms are intimidating places. We worry about being judged, being

looked at, not knowing what to do or how to use the machines properly. A women-only

gym gives you the time, space and supportive atmosphere to feel at home in a gym. In

our space you’ll learn how to do the best exercises safely, by focusing on form without

fear of being judged.

Fitness community for women

Everything’s better when you do it with good friends – and exercise is no exception!

When you find a community of supportive women to workout with, you’re likely to train

more often and stick with it longer. Our gym has a second-home kind of feel where

everyone supports each other.

If you’ve struggled in the past with being the only one in your friendship group who’s

trying to get healthier or do more exercise, joining a fitness community of women will

give you the support you need.

We also offer specialist workshops and support that’s tailormade for a community of

women. These include information about exercising during menopause, healthy eating

for female hormones, pelvic floor and core strength, and how to exercise after having a


Not only are all our members women, but so are the people who run our gym. Our two

founders Suzanne and Amber are married (and Mums), and all of our coaches and staff

are women. We even refer out to female health practitioners as a matter of principle.

How to find a women-only gym for body confidence

Our women-only gym is in Brockley, south London. We’d love to show you around and

answer any questions. Get in touch to arrange a tour.


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