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Changing the Way You Experience “The Gym”

At Fitology Hub,

our mission is to change the way

women experience "the gym."

Many of our members come to us

having had unhelpful experiences of "the gym."

Like being told they are getting it wrong.

Like being shouted at to do better.

Like being told what to do

with no compassion or justification.

We don't do things like that.

Because we believe

there's no getting it "wrong."

There is only trying to get it right.

There’s No Wrong Way

When we stop thinking that we might get it wrong

we give ourselves the permission to try and get it right.

Which is why, In our our training space:

There's no wrong way to move.

There's no wrong way to train.

There's no wrong way to exercise.

There's simply no wrong way.

Instead, here's what we do.

We explore how we move.

We learn how to train.

We choose how to exercise.

Because at Fitology Hub, we honour exploration, experimentation and effort, over expectations, exactness, and exhaustion

There's nothing you "should" be able to do

There's only what you need and want to do.

There's no such thing as "weak"

There's only starting points and baselines

There's no such thing as "can't"

There's only goals and targets

There's no getting it "wrong"

There's only trying to get it right.

The First Step

In our consultations:

We explore what's brought us together

We learn about you and your feelings on fitness.

We chose the right path for you.


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