Anoula Rayburn


Anoula is an extremely caring straight talker! Working with Fitology Hub for over 3 years Anoula has been key to the growth and direction of the business. Anoula has helped members achieve things they never thought possible. She has an incredible depth of knowledge in movement, nutrition and all things worldly! Anoula has become an inspiring mentor as well as coach for many members and staff, guiding and supporting women through different chapters of their life.

As one of her clients you will really feel like you have a rock in your corner; always ready to listen, understand you, support you and challenge you if you need challenging! She will make sure we apply the right strategies so you can reach your unique goals.

Anoula is currently studying psychology and is researching the impact of mindfulness on physical arousal, a far cry from her previous career in events & marketing. She grew up in South East and has always loved sport, trying her hand at everything from rowing and yoga to triathlons. Anoula decided to change her career in 2015 and qualified as a Personal Training excited to work with women helping them get stronger and more confident. Her most recent love is Powerlifting and now uses this sport to teach women that lifting heavy weights is key to a happy life, nothing to be scared of as its just another ‘pattern of movement’ that we gradually build week on week with careful precise coaching. Many of Anoula’s clients have now grown to love ‘the sport’ using it to continually grow in confidence & resilience. Knowing that weight training is the best tool for weight management, improving mental health and leads to an exhilarating life pre, during and post menopause, she continually questions how we are doing things and if we can do it better! Anoula leads our Team of staff in all things strength, she is passionate about giving back to the world and always so thankful, humble and generous.

She grew up in south east London and is a qualified range from level 3 personal trainer, nutritionist kettlebells instructor, nutritionist and is currently studying a psychology degree. Following a career in marketing and events she decided to pursue her passion to become a full time personal trainer. Having always loved health and fitness, she took part in many sports such as rowing, netball, running, climbing, yoga and triathlons. However, in the last two years she has found a love of powerlifting. The squat, bench press and deadlift is something she incorporates into her PT sessions and Love to Lift classes; aiming to make women more aware of the benefits of strength training, not only for overall health and functionality but also for weight loss. Having qualified as a nutritionist Anoula loves to discuss and debunk the sometimes misleading information portrayed in the mainstream media, particularly towards women.


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