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The 3 Biggest Fears That Stop Us Getting Started With Strength Training

If you're worried about getting started with strength training, you're not alone.

Many of the people we welcome through our doors feel terrified about stepping into the world of fitness and strength.

We often end up discussing these questions in our consultations:

  1. Do I need to be strong to start training?

  2. Am I good enough to join a strength training studio?

  3. Am I strong enough to handle the sessions?

These feelings and questions are absolutely valid and real. As a women's only business, we're with you, and we feel these fears too, in fitness. in business, and in life. And these fears never seem to go away.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

It's not about putting your fears aside

It's about trusting those fears.

And letting them guide you into something new.

And maybe, that’s getting started with strength training.

Will I be OK in the sessions?

We know that you're still probably asking yourself this.

So let us tell you what your sessions will look like:

You'll learn form and technique.

You'll start by using light weights.

You'll begin with just a few sets and reps

You'll decide on your effort level.

That feels do-able, right?

If you'd like to talk about this with an experienced, empathetic female coach, book your Free Consultation.

We start by having a conversation around your dreams and fears.

We guide you to trust in yourself and in us.

We grow together, step by step and session by session.

You'll find that:

You are strong enough.

You are good enough.

You are enough.


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